fanboy's music life and swag
my signed lyric book i got yesterday is beautiful:)

my signed the summer set lyric book i won came in the mail today

yay i won an autographed lyric book from “Everything’s Fine” by the summer set
The Summer Set - When We Were Young
30 plays

the summer set - When We Were Young

The Summer Set - Love By Our Side
50 plays

The Summer Set - Love By Our Side

The Summer Set - Girls Freak Me Out
50 plays

the summer set - Girls Freak Me Out


hi so uhhh last october i went to the summer set’s travelin’ show tour and uhhh idk why cause i really don’t like them lol and i have this merch and i really don’t want it so i thought i’d do a giveaway holla!!!!!!

so uh ok

  • the shirt is size small and has never been worn
  • you must be following me (this is so i can pick a winner blah blah blah random number picker ya but you can unfollow me after the giveaway and believe me if i were you i would omg)
  • the contest ends on october 21st so you have a little over a month
  • you have to live in the US cause my parents are lame and won’t let me pay for international shipping even though i could do it but yeah i’m really sorry :c
  • you have to like or reblog this post idk doesn’t matter which and you can enter as many times as you want idc lol
  • YEAH i think that’s all!!!!!!

so uh please reblog or like if you want to be entered yeah wooooooo have fun!!!!!!!!!!